Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 9: The routine

Picture 1. A picture I was able to snap in the 30 seconds it takes her to finish wrapping the jiānbing. 
Picture 2. Cindy and Christine ordering tea eggs.​
Picture 3. Some of the breakfast crew also doing a bit of studying before class.
Picture 4. Today Caton learned about China’s cities’ most famous features. Featured above is a man participating in Harbin’s “Polar Plunge”
Picture 5 & 6. Lunch time!
Picture 7, 8 & 9 afternoon with language partners

Greetings from the intersection of Shanghai Street and Beijing Street: Nanjing University! Today is our third day of classes here and, dare I say it, it seems that we’re all getting into the swing of things! Yesterday we were graced with a presentation by Teal Mingledorff (明丽) that was our official “Introduction to Nanjing.” She is not only a graduate of Northeastern, but also also participated in this very same dialogue in 2011! Not only did she share a little history and several must-see historical attractions (many right in our neighborhood), but also gifted us some words of advice and gave us an idea of what to expect over the next three weeks. As for today, it started as usual with the most important meal of the day. As Jared said yesterday, 煎饼(jiānbing)are our go-to breakfast. Cheap, delicious, and even somewhat healthy, they’re perfection wrapped in a pancake! 

Our local pancake seller is set up next to a man who sells 茶蛋 (tea eggs) and 包子 (baǒzi), buns with all manner of fillings from red bean paste to glutinous rice. In a way we’re lucky that these stands only sell until mid-morning, because as Cindy said, we’d be happy to eat them breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ...

No matter the level or the subject of the class, they have been incredibly applicable in our daily life here in Nanjing. With the language pledge in place, there’s a healthy amount of pressure to figure out how to use those new words and grammatical structures in conversation.

To bring the topic back to food, which to be fair is the topic of the dialogue, I’ll just quickly note that lunch was equally delicious as breakfast! Some of us are becoming regulars at a little Taiwanese joint located just across from our classrooms. However, I fully plan to take Teal’s advice and check out some local specialties such as duck blood soup. For today, all we tried out was a dessert made of sugared corn.

Also while we might have settled into a routine, that doesn’t mean we can already navigate already campus. At least I can’t! Regardless, taking advantage of the outright tropical weather, today some of our language partners showed us around the campus, and a few of the surrounding streets. 

- Sidney M.

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