Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 34: Freeee day in Shanghai

Pic 1: Jared almost cried for the yummy bread

Pic 2: How Jared adored the fish =))
Pic 3: Sydney found the yogurt brand that is named after her Chinese name 
Pic 4: On the way to People Square
Pic 5: Sydney at Shanghai Museum
Pic 6: Ran into Patricia and Sierra
Pic 7: Yummy Beijing Duck and Bubble Tea
Pic 8: Crowded train ride
Pic 9: The underground shopping mall at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Pic 10: Cindy at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Pic 11: Jared tried to climb on this artwork
Pic 12: Cindy kissing her Shengjian bao 包 
Pic 13: Group photo 
Pic 14: Fancy bathroom selfie

​Today is our very first day in the past 5 weeks that we can go out, explore and do whatever we want in Shanghai. To enjoy my only free day, i decided to sleep in and didnt wake up until 12:30pm. At 1pm, my busy day began. 

To start out, Jared, Sydney and I went to a small bakery nearby the hotel to breakfast/lunch. We really enjoyed the egg tarts and the chocolate cream cheese. On the way back, we stopped over at an animal market right by our hotel. They sell all kinds of fish, birds, colorful frogs/amphibians (they charge 30 yuan if we want to take a photo, so we didnt take any) and even some giant insects that I dont even know their names. 

Turn left from the hotel, we headed to Nanjing Lu to check out the People Square. It was a big open area with lots of trees and flowers in the middle of the busiest street in Shanghai. We were there by noon time so there wasnt many people around. As we were walking around the square, we noticed the Shanghai museum and decided to go in. The museum is a classy building with 4 floors, each floor is divided into four smaller exhibition rooms and a little gift shop. Plus, they have AC there so we spent most of our afternoon at the museum. The calligraphy exhibition hall is our favorite since we can recognize some calligraphy styles that we learned back at 南大. 

By 4:30, Jared and I went out to find some snacks. We each got bubble tea and a Chinese version of Beijing Duck burrito, and we really enjoyed them. After that,  we took the subway to go to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The subway is even bigger than the train station in Nanjing and it was very crowded. Got out of the subway, we met up with Cindy and Christine to go to the underground shopping mall. We loved it there since they have everything such as clothes, shoes, jacket, technology gadgets... and we can buy them with atleast half the price by bargaining. 

Next, we went to eat at a dumpling restaurant in Pearl Square, right next to the Oriental TV tower. We each ordered a set of 6 dumplings and they were all so delicious that we dont mind eating them everyday. The trick was to poked a small hole and sucked out all the yummy juice before biting into the 包. The shrimp filling in the crispy cover 包 completed our dinner with full of  satisfactions. We walked around the beautiful square to help digesting the food. With many sky rocketing buildings and full of lights, we felt like we were in the middle of New York city.

Moving on, we went to the nearby mall to use the bathroom but we ended up visiting a small Taiwanese food convention, where we got to try so many samples of Taiwanese products like chocolate, candies, fresh pinapple, grape juice and even honey. To end our day, we took a taxi back to the hotel. It took us more than 30 mins and 50 kuai just to get a cab back, but no complains, we had an amazing day. I am in love with Shanghai and I cant wait for many more adventures in this beautiful city. 

- Amy V.

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